Rolling Hills Middle School

Third Round of Clubs

Good morning, all!  While we wrap up our week, I wanted to share items to consider over the vacation.

Our third round of clubs will soon begin.  For information about the proposed clubs, please take a look at this slideshow... paying particular attention to the second slide that details the registration process.

We are thrilled to continue to have staff and community support these clubs, offering students additional avenues to find passions, establish healthy relationships, and be in a safe space.  I'd also like to publicly thank our PTA whose donations have supported several clubs this year.

We also open our final season of after school athletics.  For more information, you may contact Carmon Allen-Schnoor at callen-schnoor [at]  Those sports follow:

  • Track and Field starts Monday, April 11 at 3:15 on the track
  • Field Hockey starts Monday, April 11th at 3:15  on large field
  • Wrestling start Monday, April 11th at 3:15 in Room K1

Finally, whether remaining home or traveling, we hope our community enjoys a safe and rejuvenating Spring Break.

Ted Cribari