Rolling Hills Middle School

PTA Spotlight

Dear RHMS Families,

In your green envelope you received a flyer for the new PTA Announcement and Community Groups.  For reasons Google For Business Support has not been able to resolve, many people are not finding the groups when they search for them.  Please follow the links below and click 

“Subscribe to this group” then enter your email and click on the “I am not a robot” spam security box.  Your email will be sent to the list moderators (RHMS PTA Exec Board Members) for approval.  You will be added within a few days.  

We apologize for the inconvenience getting this new communication method started.   The RHMS PTA sincerely hopes these email groups will help keep parents and students aware of PTA sponsored events for both families and students.   Please also visit the PTA website regularly:

Click here to subscribe to RHMS PTA Announcement Group.!forum/rhms-pta-announce

Click here to subscribe to RHMS PTA Community Group!forum/rhms-pta-community

If the links are not live, please copy and paste into a new browser page. 

Thank you for your participation,
RHMS PTA Executive Board 2017-18 Volunteers.