Rolling Hills Middle School

Principal's Message - April 4

Safety & Communication!
Please remember that your children are still children - even though they seem so mature at times.   Remind them to follow the laws when biking to school - always wear a helmet, ride at a safe speed and in the same direction as traffic,  cross legally (not in the middle of the street).

Also, remember that your children still need you in their lives. While they might roll their eyes and say “nothing” when you ask what they did at school today, they really do have things to share with you. Ask them who they’re hanging out with at school & where they go after school. Ask if they had a group project in their class, and who was in their group. You’ll find they might initially be reluctant to talk about the social aspects of their day, but that’s where a large part of their focus is at this age. The important part of including yourself in their lives is listening and not always judging- which is difficult but necessary.

Good communication is what creates a strong supportive environment for everyone.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Cynthia Dodd
Principal, RHMS