Rolling Hills Middle School

Principal's Message

As we wind down 2018-2019, there is still much assessing, learning, and celebrating going on at RHMS.  Students in 8th grade are wrapping up their state tests in science, while many classes are completing end of the year culminating projects.  We are planning for the 8th grade promotion ceremony and finalizing staffing for next year.  On June 6th, we will host our annual Notes and Floats and infuse it with an opportunity for all families to engage with our teaching staff and department curriculum.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

CUSD has assigned our 8th grade promotion ceremony to be June 12th at 9:00 am.  It will take place in our quad, adjacent to our library.  Requirements to participate in the promotion include grades and behaviors.  Reminders of expectations were shared with all 8th graders through their ELA classrooms in early May.

So that we ensure a smooth ceremony for all 330 of our students and their families, we will run through promotion practice with our students on June 10th and June 11th.

Expecting an audience in excess of 1000, please plan accordingly; ask to car pool, and consider walking from a greater distance.  In an effort to support our families, staff will park their cars on our blacktop, allowing guests to park in our parking lots.

While the previous two years required students to be in gowns, that attire will not be provided nor rented this year.  RHMS will return to an expectation that all students who participate will don semi-formal attire, much like during the Exhibition.

Finally, so that families may have a better idea of when a child’s name is announced, we will read names in an alphabetical order, A-Z.

Notes and Floats and a Time to Engage

June 6th from 4:15 to 5:15, we welcome families to campus for an opportunity to engage with teachers and curriculum.  The quad will feature teachers and in some cases examples of what departments have focused upon this year, from standards to projects.  Teachers will be present at this time, prior to our traditional Notes and Floats event where all bands and choirs perform staring at 6:00 pm.

To make the event that much more family friendly, the Music Boosters are bringing five food trucks.  We welcome anyone who wishes to attend and see all the great things RHMS has done this year, while hearing a collection of terrific music.

RHMS … of the Year

We are proud to announce our “RHMS … of the Year” awards. 

Mrs. Jessica Harris is our RHMS Teacher of the Year.  Her nomination letter included such statements as:

Eager to provide her students the very best instruction, Mrs. Harris has actively participated in two high leverage professional development offerings at Rolling Hills.  While attending professional development is beneficial, delivering it is paramount… and she does just that.

Mrs. Harris provides leadership opportunities and supports our positive school climate by teaching our Leadership class and directing our site student council.

Mrs. Harris not only contributes inventive ideas to the site’s Leadership Team, she shares her instructional techniques with her colleagues as she opens her classroom to peer observations.

Mrs. Beth Burch is our Classified employee of the year.  Her nomination letter included such statements as:

Mrs. Burch is driven and has high expectations for all students.

Mrs. Burch does not give up on even the most resistant learner.  She is the definition of a warm demander who is both loved and respected by her students.

Mrs. Burch works hard at making sure that all the parties involved in supporting students are communicating.  She is often the conduit between case managers, students, and teachers- delivering lessons and scheduling time for students to meet for additional help.

Mrs. Suzanne Reese is our Volunteer of the Year.  Her nomination included such statements as:

Mrs. Reese cares about students, all students.

Mrs. Reese takes an active role in supporting students and families, helping coordinate the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot that raised monetary donations for families and hosting Open Gym during lunch where students may be active in a safe location.


RHMS is working with CUSD’s Business Office, Thought Exchange, School Site Council, its staff, and our PTA to coordinate the 2019-2020 budget.  Because our PTA was only able to raise $18,000 of its $100,000 budget through its Direct Donation Campaign, there will be cuts to what are deemed luxury programs for next year.

These cuts may include such programs as the IXL online math program, Accelerated Reader, 6th grade Science Camp scholarship funds, 7th Grade Renaissance Day, 8th Grade Awards, classroom supplies, and library supplies to name a few.  In the coming days, PTA and RHMS administration will share more details regarding opportunities to be present on campus and to help contribute.

Please log onto for more details about how to support the PTA as it works to support over 1,000 RHMS students.