Rolling Hills Middle School

Principal's Corner

Welcome 2017! Part of starting a new year is the traditional New Year’s Resolutions. Mine is the same as every year: I will eat more healthy foods; I will exercise more; I will be more organized; and I will save more money. This year I noticed a common theme- I always say “more”. Unfortunately, I seem to fail on each of these resolutions (as do many of us). So….

This year I’m not going to say “more”. Instead, I will try to do these things.   I will try to eat healthy, I will try to exercise, I will try to organize, I will try to save money. I spend every day telling students “Just try it and see what happens” or “You never know until you try” or even “Just keep trying- don’t give up”.  If I say I will do more and feel I’ve failed, well then, it’s an excuse for me to give up. So this year, I’m just going to try to do these things, and I’m not going to stop trying.

Maybe then, this year will be different. This year I won’t fail. This year, I succeed.

Have a great start to your year,
Cynthia Dodd
Principal, RHMS