Rolling Hills Middle School

Be A Panelist For Our 8th Grade Exhibition

7th Grade Parents, and all others interested - We have an opportunity for you to see what your 8th grader will be working on next year, the 8th grade Exhibition Project

Campbell Union School District has a promotion requirement for all 8th grade students exiting our schools: the Eighth Grade Exhibition project. Exhibition is an opportunity for students to demonstrate – in front of their community – their academic growth and achievements as they prepare to graduate from middle school.

Students have selected topics about which they are passionate, researched the subject, planned and completed a project in relation, and are now ready to present the accumulation of this work to a panel of judges.

We need volunteer panelists to listen to the students’ presentations and evaluate their presentation.

It’s easy!

The students have done the work. All they need is for you to listen to and evaluate their presentations. We’ll provide all instructions and materials and even cater your lunch!

If you have the morning and/or afternoon of Thursday, May 24 available and would like to be involved as a judge, please email with your preferred time (morning or afternoon) to kspicer [at]