Rolling Hills Middle School

Our PTA - Why It Is So Important to Us

The Parent Teachers Association Executive Board at Rolling Hills Middle School is a vital part of our community.  Together with the friends and families of our students they raise and manage approximately $115,000 each year.  This money directly supports our students, teachers and funds family activities.
The money raised by the PTA funds some of the students most exciting events, the PTA financial support makes these possible.  Events which are funding by the PTA include:
Entire School:  8th grade:  7th grade: 6th grade Teachers and Staff:
Accelerate Reader Books, Career Day, Renaissance Day, Science Camp, Appreciation Lunch, PBIS Rallies, Exhibition Day,  $200 Classroom fund for member teachers,
Read One Million, 8th GradePromotion,  radio and communications equipment,
Scholastic Magazines, Math, Spanish, and other clubs, Extended library hours, Brain Pop Subscription, Student Planners, Student Recognition Awards, the new Raspberry Pi Lab,
Project Cornerstone, movie license for all movies shown for classroom education and family movie nights, Books and Bratwursts Bookfair and dinner night.
The events, subscriptions, and equipment listed above are so important to our school culture and atmosphere. The children and the teachers depend upon the PTA to help make these events happen. RHMS and the PTA split many of these costs working in partnership.  
Please consider joining the PTA as an executive board member next year.  The PTA Board over the last two years has worked hard to make these positions easier and less time-consuming.  They now use Google for Education as their platform for all digital communication and documents.  This allows the history of the board to be passed easily to the next board.   All forms are currently up to date per PTA Guidelines.  The biggest change to make one of the most important jobs easier is that the PTA now uses PTA EZ, a specialized PTA Accounting software.  NO Prior accounting knowledge is needed.  This is a simple tool which creates all needed financial reports and a tax form line item report. 
We hope to hear from you!  Please contact Gini Bellawalla at  nomcomm [at]  with any questions.