Rolling Hills Middle School

Opportunity to Share...

On Tuesday, April 23rd we will open our Staff Room to parents and guardians to hear from us.  Aware that families are busy, and parking can be at a premium, it is our intention to host a meeting at 8:40 and a second one at 2:30 that same day.  (This may support drop off and pick up for families.)

We will share a preview of the CUSD sponsored event regarding the warning signs and effects of vaping.  The district workshop is aimed at all families with children in grades 4 and above.  That event will be hosted at a central location, Campbell School of Innovation, on May 2nd at 6:30 pm.

Additionally, we will share results of our recent Studer Survey... the perspectives of our students, staff, and community.

Both meetings will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

So that we may adequately prepare, please complete this form.

Enjoy this week's warm weather!