Rolling Hills Middle School

Enjoy Your Winter Break

Holidays are a wonderful time to establish traditions with your children. Gifts are fun, but traditions are what you remember year after year. It’s making breakfast together, all watching the same favorite movie while eating popcorn in the living room, falling asleep listening to aunts and uncles laughing- these are the memories we treasure. Create a wonderful memory with your family by recognizing your traditions. Help your children see the things that make your family special.

Traditions are also a way to highlight your family values. Eating dinner together stresses the value you place on family. Another is cooking a holiday meal together as a family. It's not about the what the dish is at the meal, but rather the work you put into making that dish that acknowledges the respect you for spending time together. What traditions demonstrate your family values?

Enjoy your children over the next two weeks, and I look forward to seeing everyone in January.

Cynthia Dodd
Principal, RHMS