Updated Mon, May 1st

This week, we will wrap up our puppet unit.  Students will finish creating their puppets and perform their puppet show for the class!

Updated Mon, Apr 24th

This week, students will continue to work on their puppets for their puppet shows.  We will finish sewing the bodies and then make and attach the mouths.  By the end of the week, we will reach the best part - decorating our puppets!

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

This week, students will be working in small groups to write an original puppet show script.  They will also be making the puppets for their show (and learn some basic sewing skills along the way)!  Our puppet unit will conclude with each group performing their original puppet shows for the class.

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

This week, Drama 1 students will be exploring how to use their voice as a tool to create a character on the stage.  Students will practice controlling their breath, pitch, and tone.  They will get to play around with creating various voices and try out some accents as well!

Updated Mon, Feb 27th

This week, students will be creating a short pantomime scene with a partner and performing it for the class.  Through this mini-project, students will work on making sure they "cheat out" so that the audience can see their performance, as well as think about the elements of a story and how to share it with the class without using words.