Homework 1/25

When: Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017, (All day)

Language Arts: ABC Poetry due in final form 2/1

Daily Language 5 and 6 QUIZ FRIDAY

Group 2 Informational Speech due Friday

Informational Essay on speech topic for everyone: 5 paragraphs typed or hand written in pen due Tuesday 1/31

Literature: GOLD: Alliteration poster due Friday, Scholastic worksheet and back page due Friday, Lit Circle meeting tomorrow

GREEN: Alliteration poster due tomorrow, Lit Circle meeting 1/31

Reading Log: 2/1

Everyone should have at least one AR book complete for this trimester and taken an AR test. Three books must be completed by the end of the trimester. The Lit CIrcle book can be one of the books.

Social Studies: NONE