Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE


When: Monday, Jun 12, 2017, (All day)

Today the kids received their yearbooks during 4th period. They had the choice to play board games or watch Percy Jackon. Then we had a Buckaroo Auction during 5th and stomped Godzilla Style on Polyhedraville - so much FUN!!!

Tomorrow we will be having a picnic in the classroom during lunch, 5th and 6th while a movie plays.

I emailed the food list - but here it is again:

They are welcome to bring a sheet or tablecloth to lay out for effect :) 
I have announced that students may only take part in eating food if they bring food. 
It wouldn’t be fair for 10 students to feed 60 people.
They do not need to bring what they signed up for – anything would be OK :)
Popular items are usually – cheese/cheese sticks, salami/lunch meat, carrots (yeah… go figure!)
Tentative list by the end of the day today:
Marina – chips
Sara – cookies
Platter – savannah
Kaylin – cookies
Jacob R – cookies
Daniel – watermelon
Jakob – chips or fruit
Madison – cookies
Nadia – fruit platter
Olivia p – cupcakes
Alice – grapes
Antonio – cops
Geo – fruit
Iesha – chips/salsa
Matthew – oreo
Rachel – platter
? - soda and chips
Emma – chips
Sina – chips
Aha - cookies
Zach – cookies