Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE


When: Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017, (All day)

Well... the first of 3 is over! This was the worst of the 3 painwise... supposedly. It is a daily struggle to move like I did before, the scars are tight and I have to learn to stretch them out... the kids will see me lifting my arms over my head all day long! I will employ the kids to help me lift and reach for things that I cannot, they are totaly happy to help and are being very sweet about it!

I am also supposed to drink lots of water during the day, a student for each class has been appointed to make sure I drink and to fill my cup... I HATE THE TASTE OF WATER. There is a lot of swelling so I cannot have any salt and the water should help. We'll see. 

Either way, I am happy that I moved forward with the decision to have surgery, but one does wonder since it borders on masochistic at this point ;)

Ms. Cybele