Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

HW Math/Science

When: Thursday, Dec 7, 2017, (All day)

Math - L7.1 Independent Practice - all problems - gave 30 min in class to complete - unfinished is HW.

Tutoring was a success for those who wanted help with their TEST CORRECTIONS FOR UNIT #2 - there were many 'helpers" in students who did well on the test and they were much appreciated <3 - all had hot chocolate and marshmallows! 

TEST CORRECTIONS are due tomorrow with parent signature - not accepted late - no exceptions - policy. 

Science - study vocab and graphic organizer for partical arrangement in solid, liquid and gas - quiz next Wednesday.

My last day is next Wednesday and the kids are welcomed to bring in holiday treats for after the quiz. 

Our tri-annual Auction will also happen on Wednesday - they should go through their old toys and stuff they no longer want but are willing to auction off to others - in general - their CRAPOLLA!! This is the time when they get to spend their earned SOAR BUCKS and earn more by selling their CRAPOLLA :)