Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE


When: Monday, Nov 14, 2016, (All day)

Math: We started a Unit #2 review packet today in class. We will have another workday tomorrow and we will review the answers/work through them on Wednesday. They should try to get through 1/2 of it tonight (22 problems total). The Review Packet is due Thursday - the day of the Unit #2 test. Study Study STUDY!!!!  Covers L4.1-5.4

Salsa! #3 Candy Fractions due on Wednesday - they have had it for 2 weeks... 

Tutoring this week: The test is Thursday, I have a staff meeting on Wednesday... AND I have adjunct duty of School Site Council on Tuesday after school. So sorry there is no tutoring this week... but... the test will be 1/2 the problems from the Review Packet, so they have seen the problems and had the opportunity to work through them and ask questions. 

Science: Last workday for the Garden Map - they worked in pairs. Someone has to take it home to complete if they did not use their time wisely.... or they did, but want to beautify it :)

PE: The Friday holiday messed Mrs. Harrington and me up...ugghh!! So... GOLD had PE today but I did not mark off for no uniform. Also, because of the Feast AND Project Cornerstone, GREEN will have PE both Tuesday and Wednesday. GOLD should take their clothes home on Thursday.