Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

Homework 12/2

When: Friday, Dec 2, 2016, (All day)

math: corrected L6.2 and worked on additional Rates worksheet 6.2 in class. If not finished it is HW. Backside is L6.3 (teaching on Monday) if you want 10 extra credit points... learn the lesson online and complete. Correct answers will get the 10 points. Incorrect gets partial credit. Kids can check answers on their on Monday. 

GO Math website is:

Login with their google login information on their pink sheet. 

There was no ungraded pop quiz today... worksheet instead.

science: GREEN finished vocabulary and watched demonstrations of the 3 forms of heat transfer: conduction, radiation and convection. Their HW is 3 vocab cards due Monday. GOLD watched demos and videos on the 3 forms of heat transfer and danced to transfer songs/videos :) No HW for GOLD. Both classes should practice the vocab cards nightly for 10 min. 

pe:  basketball, soccer and general running around on blacktop... gym was being used for 8th grade assembly. GOLD should bring their PE clothes on Monday for PE all week next week.