Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

Homework 11/8

When: Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016, (All day)

Math: Covered L5.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals. This was purely review from 4-5 grade standards. We corrected the HW from L4.4 (green worksheet from Friday) and L5.1.

Tomorrow we will do 2 lessons on a short day... L5.3-4Multiplying/Dividing with Decimals - again, review. 

Quiz on Thursday covering:

- dividing whole numbers with remainders/or not L5.1

- adding/subtracting decimals L5.2

- multiplying/dividing decimals L5.3-4

- word problems using fraction division L4.4

Science: Kids mapped the school garden with a partner using a 1ft:1box scale. They will be making a final draft using the 5 elements of a map: scale, compass rose, title, date, legend/key.

Vocab Quiz on Thursday.

PE: GREEN played crab soccer in PE1.