Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

Homework 10/27

When: Thursday, Oct 27, 2016, (All day)

Math: Corrected L4.2-4.3 white worksheet and made a handy-dandy study sheet for review tonight. Quiz tomorrow on Dividing Fractions and 1 problem each for adding/subracting/multiplying fractions.

Math Tutoring - had the students HELP ME MAKE THE QUIZ for tomorrow. They chose the problems from the white worksheet and I showed them WHY specific problem should be picked... determining what skills are being used to solve each problem. Then I had them work the problems and we corrected them. Ice Cream of course to round it all out :)

Science: We worked on 2 interactive worksheets that practiced the skill of scale on maps. Kids had to cut out scales and make them in order to measure increasingly larger areas represented on a map. We are preparing for map our classroom and then the SCHOOL GARDEN NEXT WEEK :) HW is finishing the IR: Maps p. 33-36 due tomorrow

PE:  GOLD in PE1 played crab soccer - so fun! GREEN gets to play tomorrow and then take their PE clothes home to wash.