Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

Homework 10/19

When: Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016, (All day)

Math: We learned how to complete a TEST CORRECTION today. Test correction opportunities are given to any student who earned less than a B- on a unit test. Not on quizzes. All students completed a rough draft of a mock test correction today to keep in their binder behind their test tab - this will be used for future reference. Students who earned less than a 48/60 on the Unit #1 L1.1-3.3 test should complete a test correction to raise their grade to a 48/60. This test correction is due NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCT 21.

I am leaving it up to the student to choose to complete the test correction or not. I will input into powerschool the offer of a test correction - please check in with your student to see if they should be completing one. All students have the directions sheet and should follow all steps to ensure complete credit.

PARENTS MUST SIGN THE COMPLETED TEST CORRECTIONS for students to receive any credit. 

Science: We revisited Science Camp by creating poems based on the Cinquain style. Using a graphic organizer, students wrote their poems about something from thier camp experience and made a final draft that will be illustrated. It is due Monday. 

PE: GREEN played basketball and GOLD has the mile tomorrow. GREEN needs to take their clothes home Friday!