Ms. Cybele's Core - Math, Science, PE

Grade Reports

When: Friday, Sep 8, 2017, (All day)

Sent home copies of MATH AND SCIENCE grades for each student today.

Please look over and discuss missing assignments. Please SIGN THE PACKET AND HAVE YOUR STUDENT RETURN IT TOMORROW.

I have made multiple attempts to collect all zero score missing assignments.

I leave the grade roster out so they can check it ANYTIME OF THE DAY.

I leave out copies of worksheets for 3 days after the assignment is given, afterwhich they are no longer available. This is because I have already told students that their assignment is missing and given them ample time to get a replacement.

I do not give copies of math lesson sheets beause they tear them out of their personal workbooks in their desk. They tear out with me in the morning and if they have lost their copy, they are simply out of luck :)