All assignments, other than required, weekly assignments, will be posted here along with due dates for each assignment.  Be sure to check this section daily!  

Updated Tue, Oct 18th

1. class discussion of 1st paragraph 

2. watch video of close reading

3. teacher/student model

4. with a partner, do the following:

a. highlight lines 164-175 and add a note to your "Notebook"

b. annotate (highlight, underline etc.) the text so it reflects you and your partner's discussion

c. each student takes notes on the discussion and submits/saves to "Notebook" 

Due: We will finish this in class tomorrow (Wednesday 10/19)

Updated Thu, Oct 13th

The test format will be a one or a combination of the following: 

1. multiple choice

2. fill in the blank

3. sentences from quizzes #1-6

4. create your own quiz sentences

*word banks will be included when neccesary* 

Updated Mon, Oct 10th

quizlet for vocabulary quiz #6--PRE

October 14th 

Updated Fri, Oct 7th

Friday 10/14 

Updated Fri, Oct 7th

PRE:  "before" or "in front of" 

Updated Thu, Oct 6th


study set for vocabulary quiz #5 ---Friday 10/7

Updated Wed, Oct 5th

After peer and self editing, revise your essay and print out the final draft and attach the rough draft with peer and self edits.  I'll walk you through this on Friday, just be sure to have the final draft PRINTED out as well as your rough draft you worked on today in class.  

*If you are going on the AVID fieldtrip, you MUST turn in your essay either into the homework bin OR into my mailbox in the office!!* 

due Friday 10/7 

Updated Fri, Sep 30th

Friday 10/7

Updated Fri, Sep 30th

due Tuesday 10/4

Updated Fri, Sep 30th

You ABSOLUTELY have to bring a printed copy of your essay for class on Monday!!