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Leadership classes are responsible for organizing student activities on campus. Participating students have direct input over the activities that occur throughout the school year, so be sure to get involved!

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Library & Media Center

A world of information is at your fingertips in the RHMS Media Center. The Media Center is both library and computer lab, and it is where students can find support for their research needs, discover the joy of reading both fiction and non-fiction stories, and access secure computers during class time.   Our library is open 

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Lubov Resource

Welcome to the Generic Subject Template page! Please click the links below to view your Calendar, Homework, News and Materials sections. There are setup steps and helpful hints on each page.

Click the icon in the top right corner for information and tips about Website LayoutCreating Classroom Spaces for your subjects or class periods or posting homework News Pages 

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Math Club

What is Math Club? We are students, parents, and teachers who like math.  Club meetings will be held every Tuesday after school, 3-4 pm. All students interested in checking out Math Club, please join us in the quad at 3 pm on Tuesday, September 20. We will tell you about Math Club, hand out enrollment forms and answer any questions you might have.

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Common Core Mathematics requires our students to do much more than memorize math facts and formulas. The Common Core State Standards demand that students are able to apply their knowledge of mathematical procedures to complex problems where they must explain and justify their reasoning. The Eureka Math curriculum that is being used at all of our school sites supports students in meeting these rigorous expectations.

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Michelle Beddo

Welcome to Mrs. Beddo's classroom page! Here you can find important school related claendars, dates, and general school information.  Please visit: for classroom information.  

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Mike Firenze

Welcome to my webpage, here you will find all the information you need to be succesful in 7th grade social studies

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