Homework for 8 December 2017

Language Arts

 Hurdle #3

Week 2 --December 15
Kabir B                      Cecilia H
Stephen A                Amanda K
Joseph W                 Lee M
Jackson K               Tanner C
Pasha G                   Veronica A
Caleb H                   Alan L
Dagny O                 Harvey T
Miranda L              Andrei P
Cruz H                     Nathan H
                                  Cody N
Week 3 -- December 21
eveyone else!! ; ) (besides Week 1 prensentators)
• Agreement worskeheets (3 sides) 12/7
• DLR Quiz #9 on 12/8 
• Sijo Poem due 12/13
• Adverb/conjunction 12/1

• Read 20 minutes

Social Studies

• Finish map if not done in class

• Egypt Museum Extra Credit 1/10/2018




• none


• We are having a Ancient Festival on December 21. We are studying Ancient Civilizations. We want to celebrate with different finger foods from around the world.  Please email Miss Thompson with what you will bring.

• On December 20, Wednesday, there is going to be a band concert (it is totally free) and probably a short choir performace before. There is also a bake sale going on the same time, so buy some snacks for $1 between intermissions.

• HW club for 2nd trimester Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:45 AM

• We need supplies for 2nd trimester PLEASE

    *Binder paper   * kleenex   * pencils    *clorox wipes (or similar)

• Go to Baskin Robbins on Thursdays --proceeds benefit camp