Homework For 5 December 2017

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Language Arts

 Hurdle #3

week 1--Dec 8                      

Sean K                    Ryan C                              
Paul C                     Noah I
Brian V                   Lex L
Curren C                Joshua A
Ryder A                  Emmett A
Elliot P                   Bianca S
Noor A                   Andy G
Nishka S                Raul M
Holly W                 Manual G
Heather T             Kaitlin N
Siara N
Week 2 --December 15
Kabir B                      Cecilia H
Stephen A                Amanda K
Joseph W                 Lee M
Jackson K               Tanner C
Pasha G                   Veronica A
Caleb H                   Alan L
Dagny O                 Harvey T
Miranda L              Andrei P
Cruz H                     Nathan H
                                  Cody N
Week 3 -- December 21
eveyone else!! ; )
• Agreement worskeheets (3 sides) 12/7
• DLR Quiz #9 on 12/8 
• I AM Poem due 12/6

• Read 20 minutes

Social Studies

• Egypt Museum Extra Credit 1/10/2018


• Wksht pg120, 122           Ratios, Rates


• none


• Bring PE clothes at Thursday (Green Group)   DON'T bring in clothes at Wednesday

• On December 8 (Friday) movie afternoon starts right after school only for $5 (soda or water and popcorn included). See Ms.Thompson for the movie/drink tickets.

• On December 20, Wednesday, there is going to be a band concert (it is totally free) and probably a short choir performace before. There is also a bake sale going on the same time, so buy some snacks for $1 between intermissions.

• HW club for 2nd trimester Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:45 AM

• We need supplies for 2nd trimester PLEASE

    *Binder paper   * kleenex   * pencils    *clorox wipes (or similar)

• Go to Baskin Robbins on Thursdays --proceeds benefit camp