17 November 2017

Language Arts

 Hurdle #3 (week 1, week 2, or week 3--Students should have their date written on their assignment sheet) 
• Noun / Verb Poem due 11/29

• Read 1 hour during this week off

Social Studies

• Egypt Museum Extra Credit 1/10/2018


• none


• none


• HW club for 2nd trimester begins Thursday, November 30th @ 7:45 AM

• Students have organized their binder, so please do not bring the extra papers back to school...it is imperative that students remove those items TONIGHT!!

• We need supplies for 2nd trimester

    *Binder paper   * kleenex   * pencils    *clorox wipes (or similar)

• Go to Baskin Robbins on Thursdays --proceeds benefit camp