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Updated Tue, Oct 17th

We will be planting our herbs on Friday.  If possible, please send in 1 gallon of potting soil and 1 herb seed package.  Thank you in advance!

Monday 10.16.17  Glue HERB Chart into Spiral Notebook.  Ask parents the questions at the bottom of each herb & find scientific name of herb.

Tuesday  10.17.17 Class/Homework Combined:  Page 39-45 Workbook plus make 4 Flashcards.

Words for Flashcards:  Chlorophyll, Chloroplast, Grana, Stomata

Wednesday - 10.18.17 

Make Flashcards for the following words:  Non Vascular Plant, Phloem, Transpiration, vascular plant, xylem.  Study these flashcards.  

Thursday - 10.19.17

Make Flashcards for the following words:  Transpiration, Gravity, Cohesion, Root Pressue.

Study these flashcards.

Friday - No Homework 

Updated Wed, Oct 11th

Tuesday - Write a list of 10 herbs.  Use the paper we started in class.

Wed. - Write a list of 25 fruit and vegetables that have sides inside.  

Thursday - Bring 1 piece of fruit or 1 vegetable on Friday to class.  We will be classifying and dissecting the fruit and vegetables on Friday in class. 

Friday - Start shopping for the following items for our plant unit.   We will begin planting our seeds the Week of October 24th.   

Seeds for the following plants:  basil, thyme, cilantro, chives, rosemary, chervile, dill, cumin, marjoram, oregano, mugwort, parsley, mint, or sage.)

1 gallon size bag of soil

Updated Mon, Oct 9th

Students had 2 periods to work on the Super Science Packet.  

Period 1 needs to complete 6/8 pages.   

Period 3 needs to complete 8/8 pages.   They had 2 full periods.

Period 5 needs to complete 4/8 pages.  (They had a fire drill for 20 minutes today.)

Updated Thu, Oct 5th

Students read the articles (Fast Track & Coconut Crabs) in the Super Science Magazine.  They started their questions in class.  If they did not finish, they need to complete the questions and paragraph on pages 2 and 3.

Updated Tue, Oct 3rd

Today in class, students were given a worksheet of questions.  We read the article on TIGERS & CAVES in class today.   If they did not finish answering the questions in class, they need to finish for homework.  

Updated Mon, Oct 2nd

Monday - 10.2.17

Most students completed the experiment on Friday.  Thank you for sending saltine crackers and sugar cubes.  I am grateful to all of you.

Write in your science spiral notebook. 

  1. Which of the bedrock materials you tested dissolved more easily in water?
  2. Did cave-like spaces form in either type of bedrock?  Explain
  3. Based on your observations, explain how the composition of bedrock relates to how caves form.
  4. How did your team work together?  What were your strengths?
  5.  Look at the experiment and write what you now see and what you think will happen.

Updated Tue, Sep 26th

Tuesday  - NO HW

Wednesday - Finishing our CELL Reflection Essay in Class.  If students do not finish their essay in class, they need to complete it for homework via Google Classroom.

Thursday - Bring 20 saltine crackers and 20 sugar cubes to do our Rock Eating Bacteria Cave Experiment.

Updated Mon, Sep 25th

Today some student did test corrections on their test.   Parents, please sign your child's test if their score is below 18.

Green Parent Back to School Survey is worth 5 extra credit test points.   Thanks in advance for filling out this sheet. 

Updated Mon, Sep 18th

Monday HW - Page 17 - 22  Workbook (if this seems like a lot, students had 35 minutes to complete HW in class with partners.)  

Tuesday HW - Pages 23-26 Workbook & Make 3  Flash Cards (organ, organ system and tissue) for Test on Friday 9.22

Wed HW - Page 34 in Textbook #1-#10  Write Sentences & Study Flash Cards

Thurs HW - Study for Test, Turn in All Flash Cards Tomorrow for 10 points.  

Friday - Science Test Today in Class.  No Homework.  Have a great weekend.

If your parents turns in the green Parent Survey, this is extra credit -  5 points on TEST Category.