Project Cornerstone

Dear Parents,
Good news! Project Cornerstone is in its second year at Rolling Hills.  This anti-bully/high self esteem program for youth is rolling out as follows and we need your help.  Our goal is to find volunteers to work in pairs in the classroom for the following:
- 5th grade has the ABC Reader, in-class program.  (3 classes, need 6 volunteers)
- 6th is in its second year of a planned in-class curriculum adapted from Cupertino Middle School's program (11 classes, need 22 volunteers)
- 7th grade is in the planning stages, possibly using the same curriculum as last year's 6th graders but nothing is scheduled until we see what parent resources we have. (Not sure of class needs yet)
- 8th grade is planning to rollout a modified version of last year's 6th grade in class curriculum. (Probably need about 20 volunteers to get 2 in each class)
- Lunch recess is also a time when we plan to be a presence at school, especially on Wednesdays when all students take lunch at the same time. Last year we worked with the Student Leadership class to create fun activities and will do so again (Infinite happy adult faces!)
If you have an interest in helping youth first hand, or working with a team of other parents committed to helping youth make healthy choices socially and in school, please contact Gini Bellawala immediately via text at 408.394.5280 and let her know your name, child's grade and if you are available during school hours twice a month.  Or contact any of the team leaders listed below.
Our informational meeting and first training for 6th - 8th grade is 
- Wednesday 9/20, 8:45am - 10am in the Teachers Lounge.  5th grade already had a training last week but will repeat it sometime but please feel free to drop in on our 6th - 8th grades 
Thank you from the entire Project Cornerstone Team
Nedda Ashjaee, Gini Bellawala, Anna Maria White, Amy Dalziel,