Scamporrino Language Arts / Social Studies/ Lit. 6th

Please return all school books now.

Friday June 8 - Class Picnic at San Tomas Park:  bring bag lunch, waterbottle, and baked goods or fruit to share.  (Don't forget to wear sunscreen and wear appropriate shoes)

Please check PowerSchool to see if you are missing any work. NO late work will be accepted after June 1.



Scholastic due Friday / Online code:  QYAQNP

AR Test -

Language Arts:

Anagram book due now

Social Studies:


Study of Ancient Rome:

 1. Ancient Civilizations Video notes

2.  Geography of Ancient Rome

3.  Life in Ancient Rome video

4.  The Founding of Rome

5.  Etruscan Heritage

6.  Guided Reading 9-1/9-2

7.  Comparing Republican Governments

8.  Augustus Caesar

9.  Empire of Rome

10. The Rise of Rome

11. Pleasures of the Arena (2 pages)

12. Circus Maximus

13. Roman Inventions

14. Punic Wars

15. Life in Ancient Rome

16.  The Fall of the Republic

17. The Aeneid

18.  10-2/10-3

19.  Julius Caesar