Scamporrino Language Arts / Social Studies/ Lit. 6th

Dec. 19 Graham Cracker House Architecture assignment - please bring in all materials by Dec. 17

*** We still need many items.  We will not be able to do the project without all the needed supplies.  Please bring what you can on Monday.

_____Chinet paper platter (oval) or square dinner plates

         (7 packs of 12/15)

_____square cereal (Chex, Quaker Oat squares, Cinnamon Toast Crunch

_____flat chocolate (Hershey bars)



_____red & white round mints

_____red licorice


_____gummi bears

_____Teddy Grahams

Science Camp:  January 22-25

Please bring in payment by Dec. 14


Lanuguage Arts:

How  to speeches Dec. 17

Social Studies:

All papers due now.


Extra Credit Reading Log due January 8

At home, please read at least 20 min. per day.  Take an AR test each time you finish a book.

Keep a silent reading book in your backpack at all times.

AR Test -