Scamporrino Language Arts / Social Studies/ Lit. 6th

Please...... Help us raise money for Science Camp by selling Cookie Dough.  Please pick up all cookie dough on Thursday Nov. 15. (There is no place to store it at school.)


Lanuguage Arts:

Figurative Language book due Weds.

Social Studies:

Bring a shoe box and an old stuffed animal to mummify.  Due Friday.

Creat a Game Board due Thursday Oct. 25

Go to the Egyptian Museum for Extra Credit due Nov. 16 

Egypt Packet

1.  The Nile Valley 2-1

2.  Ancient Egyptian Tourist Attractions

3.  5 Facts Video Notes

4.  History of Egypt

5.  Venn Mandala

6.  The Pyramid video notes

7. Reading Notes 9

8.  Gods and Goddesses


At home, please read at least 20 min. per day.  Take an AR test each time you finish a book.

Keep a silent reading book in your backpack at all times.

Maniac Magee:

1.  Venn Diagram

2.  Vocabulary Ch. 1-11

3.  World's Best Candy Bar

4.  What do You Know? Ch. 1-11

5.  Vocabulary Ch. 12-21

6.  What do You Know?  Ch. 12-21

7.  Map of Two Mills Pennsylvania

AR Test -