Scamporrino Language Arts / Social Studies/ Lit. 6th

Homework:  Check grades and look for missing assignments to complete on PowerSchool

End of the Year Picnic is Tuesday June 12 at San Tomas Park:

Thank you to the parents who volunteered to help. We couldn't do this without you! Your child has your confirmation slip (in case you forgot what you signed up for =)

We will walk from school and stay at the park until about 1pm when we will begin our walk back to school.

Language Arts

Finish all Google classroom assignments

Social Studies:

Ancient Rome:

1.  Map

2.  The Founding of Rome

3.  Etruscan Heritage

4.  Roman Gods and Goddesses

5.  Pleasures of the Arena

6.  Activity 9-2

7.  Romulus and Remus

8.  Punic Wars

9.  Comparing Republican Governments

10. Empire of Rome

11. Julius Caesar

12. Video

13. Circus Maximus

14. Life in Ancient Rome

15. Roman Forum

16. Roman Numerals



Gold - Finish all Jaguar assignments

Fortunately, Unfortunately book

Schlolastic Book Orders:  J3J3H

At home, please read at least 20 min. per day.  Take an AR test each time you finish a book.

Keep a silent reading book in your backpack at all times.

AR Test -