Scamporrino Language Arts / Social Studies/ Lit. 6th


Lanuguage Arts

Weds. -  Share Rhyming Poem 

Finish all Google classroom assignments

Social Studies:

Ancient Greece:

1.  Map

2.  The Minoans

3.  Greek History

4.  Gods and Goddesses (2 pages)

5.  Compare/Contrast Ciy-States

6.  Activity 7-1 / 7-2

7.  Forms of Government

8.  Content Vocabulary 7

9.  Greek Wars

10. The Acropolis

11. Famous Greeks


Schlolastic Book Orders:  J3J3H

Scholastic News due Monday

Reading Log due April 16

At home, please read at least 20 min. per day.  Take an AR test each time you finish a book.

Keep a silent reading book in your backpack at all times.

AR Test -