8 September 2016

**Science Camp Form, indicating preferred method of payment, due 


**Be sure to bookmark/check my website….HW will only be listed  

              here after Friday!


**Students, if you want a hall locker, please return the yellow form  


**NEED MATH HELP??  Check out my.hrw.com.  Use your school 

             Google username and password to log in!  

Language Arts -- Silver

1.  None

Math -- Emerald

1.  Try out my.hrw.com!   (Use school Google usernames and passwords!)

Social Studies -- Gold

1.  None

PE -- Gold

1.  Bring PE clothes 9/10

Literature -- Emerald

1.  Bring a book EVERY day!!

2. Take and pass an AR quiz (either a book you’ve just finished or a small picture book) by 9/14

Science -- Silver

1.  Workbook page 15+ 3 questions on page 14 due 9/9 

2.  Science Camp Payment Form due 9/9

3.  Science Camp Health and Registration Forms due 9/30