Updated Mon, May 1st

This week, we will finish our design unit.  By the end of the week, students will have created two set designs and five costume designs for a fairy tale of their choice.


Monday - Quinn S. / Natalie

Tuesday - Summer

Wednesday - Seraphina / Michael W.

Thursday - Tristan / Ojas

Friday - Belle


Tuesday - Tristan & Colin

Wednesday - Yi Xuan & Walten

Thursday - Ryan

Friday - Ellie & Vanessa G.

Updated Mon, Apr 24th

Students are continuing their design portfolio for the fairy tale of their choice.  They will be finishing up their set designs - they had to create two different sets for their story and draw both an "audience view" and a "bird's eye view" of each design.  All set designs are due by the end of this week.

Leading this week's Walk-Arounds will be:

Monday: Angelina

Tuesday: Ellie

Wednesday: Rosie / Soren

Thursday: Jocelyn

Friday: Vanessa G.

Leading this week's Warm-Ups will be:

Monday: Faith

Tuesday: Peter

Thursday: Seraphina & Kat

Friday: Kenny & Michael

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

This week, students will continue to work on their design portfolio for their fairy tale "production".  Students will begin sketching out their set design, as well as create a basic blueprint of each stage set-up.  In addition, Drama 2 students will begin leading some of our class warm-up activities.  

Leading this week's Walk-Arounds will be:

-Monday: Ryan / Kenny

-Tuesday: Faith / Jackson

-Wednesday: Kat / Greg

-Thursday: Nadine / Mark

-Friday: Athena / Quinn 

Leading this week's games will be:

-Tuesday: Nadine & Athena / Quinn & Jackson

-Thursday: Angelina / Soren

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

Drama 2 will be starting their technical design unit this week.  Students will choose a classic fairy tale and design two sets and five costumes for their "production" of this story.  

Updated Mon, Feb 27th

This week, students will be creating a short pantomime scene with a partner and performing it for the class.  Through this mini-project, students will work on making sure they "cheat out" so that the audience can see their performance, as well as think about the elements of a story and how to share it with the class without using words.