Weekly Agenda and Homework


Day Agenda Homework
1. Public Service Announcement video project on Newtons Laws : Group Storyboard and Script 1. Update notebook (all week)- all notes have questions and summary, notebook up to date and organized, labs have conclusions and summaries.
2. Start bringing in any materials you and your group need for the video.
1. Complete Group Script and Storyboard
1. Get Final script and storyboard signed off
2. Start recording

1. Finish Recording PSA 1. Get weekly packet signed due Friday
2. Study for Newton's Laws Quiz
1. Last minute recording
2. Newton's Laws of Motion Quiz
3. Edit and complete videos
1. Weekly packet due
2. Newton's Laws Quiz
Updated Fri, Aug 25th

"What is Science?" paragraph due Friday, 8/25.  

Write a paragraph explaining what science means to you. 
1.  Must be at least 8 sentences
2.  Must be your own words, thoughts and ideas.  
3.  Do not use google, a dictionary, encyclopedia, parents, etc.  (AGAIN: YOUR OWN IDEAS!)

Get Required Materials: Due Monday, 8/28.

  1. 3-ring binder (FOR SCIENCE ONLY!). 1/2 or 1 inch reccommended. 
  2. 5 pencils
  3. Red pen or pencil for corrections
  4. Highlighters
  5. Binder paper
  6. RHMS agenda (from school)
  7. Students may also want: colored pencils, calculator, other writing utensils
  8. Donation of a tissue box would be greatly appreciated