Exploratories are a great way to develop a well-rounded individual. At Rolling Hills Middle School, students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes to develop their creative and analytical sides. Who knows, your student might just discover a lifelong passion in one of these non-traditional courses.

Music energizes and enlivens learning. Rolling Hills Middle School offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced band courses, and students have the opportunity to try a variety of instruments. Also,... Learn More
Music energizes and enlivens learning. Rolling Hills Middle School offers beginning and intermediate/advanced chorus.  Students sing in 2 or 3 or 4 parts and develop musicianship through a... Learn More
Students will be introduced to different digital applications and tools to develop skills in digital art and design. Digital art lessons may include photo manipulation, graphic design, illustration,... Learn More
Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, & Mathematics—is more than just the subjects in its name. It’s about blending those disciplines in ways that promote collaboration, communication,... Learn More
While emphasizing the Common Core curriculum, Spanish at Rolling Hills School encourages students to make connections with a different culture and take ownership of their education through the... Learn More
As part of the STEAM curriculum, Visual Arts at Rolling Hills Middle School provides students with planned, success-oriented art experiences using a variety of materials and techniques. Students will... Learn More
N2 · Choir/ Music Elective Teacher
PAguayo [at] campbellusd.org

J4 · STEAM Teacher
EElvert [at] campbellusd.org

J3 · Digital Arts Teacher
YHua [at] campbellusd.org

A4 · Spanish Teacher
ipollo [at] campbellusd.org

J6 · Grades 6-8, Art
KNewell [at] campbellusd.org

N-1 · Band
Website  mrawlinson [at] campbellusd.org