Thursday, 25 August 2016

Essential Question: Who is in our class, and what are the routines and expectations?

Assignments Collected:  none


  1. "Classroom Expectations" Handout (H.O.)--green sheet
  2. "Team Leadership Roles" Handout (H.O.)--yellow sheet
  3. Science Classroom Expectations & School Planner Cornell Notes for Test H.O.-- 2 pink pages, double sided.

Class Work: 

  1. Classroom Expectations Jigsaw
  2. Teams report answers and all record on pink sheet.
  3. Model RCRC to study Cornell Notes for studying for a test

R = Read the question on the left, as you

C= Cover the answer on the right

R = Recite the answer, then

C = Check to see if you are correct

Homework Assignments: 

  1. RCRC "Classroom Expectations...Cornell Notes" H.O. (pink) due Monday, 8/29/16, with parent signature.
  2. Classroom Expectations Test on Monday 8/29/16 (Same questions and answers as pink sheet Cornell Notes!--study, study, study :)