Mr. Valine's 7th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Valine’s 7th grade social studies!

In this class we will study world history from approximately 300 C.E. (A.D.) to 1600 across many locations on Earth. Some of these include Rome, Byzantium, Western Europe, the Middle-East, West Africa, China, Japan, and the Americas. The primary textbook is Medieval and Early Modern Times. We will also use the History Alive! textbook for seventh grade in class along with many supplemental resources.

Valine's Class Folder


Email is the best way to contact me. I will make every attempt to respond promptly, but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Feel free to contact me for any reason at bvaline [at]


Students will be expected to come to class everyday prepared to learn. They must bring the following items to class everyday:


  1. Binder with tabbed section for social studies

  2. Composition notebook for bell ringer warm up activities

  3. School planner

  4. Pencils & binder paper


A copy of the textbook Medieval and Early Modern Times  will be sent home during the first few weeks of school and remain as an at-home copy until the end of the year. Copies will be provided for use in class.

Wish List

1. Colored copier paper (any color is fine)

2. Tissue boxes (for my sneezing students)

3. Flair pens





Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, Oct 2nd

After school students may retake the Fall of Rome test if they have completed test corrections on their original test.

Updated Fri, Oct 6th

I will be collecting Bell Ringer questions numbered 15 through 20. See the slides presentation in Google Classroom if you are missing any numbers.

Updated Wed, Sep 27th

Tests will be returned in class today. As this is our first test, understand that there will be some large changes to your grade if you did not do well. There will be more tests and projects for the first trimester.

To improve your grade on the Rome test:

  1. Review your questions and the feedback on the writing question. This will be on the Google Form for the multiple choice questions, and on the feedback form from Mr. Valine.
  2. Complete a test corrections page. Note that you do need to revise writing question. 
  3. Turn in on the date of the announced retake day and retake the test with Mr. Valine after school.
Updated Mon, Oct 9th

The feudal system project will be collected at the start of class.

Receipt of collection will be entered into Powerschool with a green check mark.

Any student who does not turn in a project on the due date will receive a 0/30 score and "missing" mark in Powerschool the following day. The zero score will remain until a project is turned in. Please make sure your name is on the project.

Grade breakdown:


Relationship: describe each class and their contribution to the feudal system - 5 points

Job/description: describe each class and their daily life, responsibilities, duties, et cetera - 5 points

Hierarchy: draw out the feudal hierarchy. - 5 points

Visuals: draw pictures of each class or symbols that represent them. - 5 points

Citation: include MLA format works cited of at least the textbook - 5 points

C&C: clean and creative project written in ink/typed, in color, well designed. - 5 points

Total: 30 assessment points

Updated Tue, Sep 26th
Updated Fri, Sep 22nd

I will be collecting bell ringer questions from #9 through #14.

See the Google Slides presentations if you missed any questions due to absences.

Updated Sun, Sep 17th

I will be collecting the following papers from binders.

1. Roman Problems Debrief

 Pick two of the Roman problems that you think are the most significant and explain them using examples from your notes on a piece of binder paper.

2. How To Set Up Your Paragraph

Using information from your notes and the debrief, create an outline of your response to the test question using the format provided. Handout provided in class.

10 points possible in classwork/homework (20%)

I will also be grading the following two assignments in Google Classroom:

  1. iMapping Rome
  2. Roman Problems

Updated Fri, Sep 8th

Bell Ringers 1-8 will be collected for grading of completion.

See Google Slides presentation on Classroom page for any specific bell ringer questions you may have missed.

Updated Fri, Sep 8th

5 points (homework/classwork)

Using your map, answer the following question.

How might the geography of the Roman empire have caused Rome to fall?  

Things you can talk about:

The size of the empire.

Placement of certain geographic features inside the empire.

The ability to move through the empire.

The geography and how it might have assisted Barbarians trying to invade it.

3-4 sentences. 

Updated Tue, Sep 12th

Students should read chapter 1, sections 1 and 2 before the test to prepare and study.

Google Classroom assignments for this unit:

  1. iMapping the Roman Empire
  2. Roman Problems Investigation Notes

Paper assignments for this unit:

  1. Roman Problems Quickwrite
  2. Practice Test
  3. Bell Ringers 1-10