Mr. Valine's 7th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Valine’s 7th grade social studies!

In this class we will study world history from approximately 300 C.E. (A.D.) to 1600 across many locations on Earth. Some of these include Rome, Byzantium, Western Europe, the Middle-East, West Africa, China, Japan, and the Americas. The primary textbook is Medieval and Early Modern Times. We will also use the History Alive! textbook for seventh grade in class along with many supplemental resources.

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Students will be expected to come to class everyday prepared to learn. They must bring the following items to class everyday:


  1. Binder with tabbed section for social studies

  2. Composition notebook for bell ringer warm up activities

  3. School planner

  4. Pencils & binder paper


A copy of the textbook Medieval and Early Modern Times  will be sent home during the first few weeks of school and remain as an at-home copy until the end of the year. Copies will be provided for use in class.

Wish List

1. Colored copier paper (any color is fine)

2. Tissue boxes (for my sneezing students)

3. Flair pens





Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, Mar 6th

After School

Updated Fri, Mar 17th
1. Read Chapter 4 China in your MEMT
2. The China test will be one essay question.  The question will be:
During the Middle Ages, China was the most technologiclally advanced culture.  Why was China so advanced?
Notes in Binder:
  1. China Map
  2. Dynasties & Politics handout
  3. Mongols WIQL notes
  4. Foreign Contact: Tong Dynasty
  5. Foreign Contact: Yuan Dynasty (Mongols)
  6. Foreign Contact: Ming Dynasty
Updated Mon, Feb 27th
Updated Wed, Feb 8th

Review chapter 3 of Medieval and Early Modern Times to study.

Notes in binder to study for the test.

  1. Africa Map
  2. Timbuktu Video Question
  3. History Alive Reading Notes 13
  4. History Alive Processing 13
  5. Notes on the Story of Sundiata
  6. Music & Visual Arts History Alive Notes
  7. Visual Arts Gallery Walk

See Mr. Valine if you are missing any of these pages.

Updated Tue, Jan 31st

After school

Updated Tue, Jan 24th
  1. What are some important things people need to consider when choosing where they live?

  2. Briefly tell me what the Africans did for each quest?

    1. Quest #2 Section 2. Early Communities and Villages:

    2. Quest #3 section 3. The Development of Towns and Cities subsection: Ironworking and Trade:

    3. Quest #4 Section 4. The Rise of Kingdoms and Empires.

  3. What reasons made your kingdom so successful?  What made it unsuccessful?

  4. How were trading cities able to develop into kingdoms?

  5. List one advantage and one disadvantage of being part of a kingdom.
Updated Tue, Jan 17th

Students may come in after school to retake either the Byzantine Empire test or the Middle East Test 1. Test Corrections of the original test are required in order to do the retake. 

Retake is after school. Lunch time retakes may be scheduled with Mr. Valine by appointment only.

Updated Fri, Jan 6th

Students may retake either the Byzantine Empire test or the Middle East test 1 at 3:00 after school. Students must complete test corrections in order to do the retake.

Updated Tue, Jan 3rd