Mr. Valine's 7th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to Mr. Valine’s 7th grade social studies!

In this class we will study world history from approximately 300 C.E. (A.D.) to 1600 across many locations on Earth. Some of these include Rome, Byzantium, Western Europe, the Middle-East, West Africa, China, Japan, and the Americas. The primary textbook is Medieval and Early Modern Times. We will also use the History Alive! textbook for seventh grade in class along with many supplemental resources.

Valine's Class Folder


Email is the best way to contact me. I will make every attempt to respond promptly, but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Feel free to contact me for any reason at bvaline [at]


Students will be expected to come to class everyday prepared to learn. They must bring the following items to class everyday:


  1. Binder with tabbed section for social studies

  2. Composition notebook for bell ringer warm up activities

  3. School planner

  4. Pencils & binder paper


A copy of the textbook Medieval and Early Modern Times  will be sent home during the first few weeks of school and remain as an at-home copy until the end of the year. Copies will be provided for use in class.

Wish List

1. Colored copier paper (any color is fine)

2. Tissue boxes (for my sneezing students)





Classroom News and Information

Updated Tue, Jan 3rd

Instructions handed out in class on 1/3.

Updated Wed, Dec 7th

Come in during lunch to retake the Byzantine Empire test. 

In order to do the retake, students must complete test corrections on their original test. Please use the Test Corrections Format Google Doc in the shared drive folder, or copy it onto a piece of binder paper. This is your ticket to do the retake.

Updated Thu, Dec 1st

Chapter 3, Section 1 of Medieval and Early Modern Times.

In your Binder:

  1. Middle East Map
  2. "Islam: Empire of Faith" Video Questions
  3. Venn Diagram on Abrahamic Religions
  4. Five Pillars of Islam Foldable mini-project

Updated Mon, Nov 7th

Project instructions handed out in class on 11/7 and available in the Google Drive folder.

Updated Tue, Nov 1st

The essential question for this unit is,

"why move the capital of the Roman Empire to the east in Byzantium?"

Updated Fri, Oct 14th

Study guide handed out in class October 11.

This is also the last day extra credit castle projects can be turned in.

Updated Wed, Sep 28th

Directions were handed out in class.

Create a diagram that explains the roles of monarchs, lords, knights, and serfs/peasants in a feudal society. Explain both the daily life of each group and the ways each group relied on other groups. 

Updated Thu, Sep 15th

Read Chapter 6, Section 1 of Medieval and Early Modern Times (MEMT).

Updated Fri, Sep 9th

Originally scheduled for Friday 9/9. Now on Tuesday 9/13.

Test Question:

Out of all the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire, which were the most significant?

Updated Tue, Aug 23rd