Homework For 29 September 2017

Language Arts

• DLR #4  9/29

• Blotz Poem 10/4  (Final Draft due)

• Hurdle #2    10/6


• Read 20 minutes

Social Studies

• Complete Gilgamesh Picture


• none


• Give Science Camp Packet to parent/guardian  due by 10/6

• Money for camp due by 10/20


• Start collecting Boxtops (for education)--we will have a contest soon!

• Baskin Robbins fundraiser--at the Baskin Robbins right across from school--Every Thursday they will give us 20% of profits for us to put towards Science Camp! Be sure to say you are form Rolling Hills.

Science Camp info: all forms are due back by 10/6 , If you are bring medications, you MUST have a doctor's signature for all medications--including over the counter medications.  Medications can be brought the day we leave for camp.


• If you didn't write in your planner when the teacher checked, every day get signed from your parents at home, and then get signed from the teacher at school. You will get 30 minute detention until you get a parent signature.