Homework For 22 September 2017

Language Arts

• Bio-Poem Final Draft 9/27

• Hurdle #2    9/29 or 10/6


• Read 20 minutes

Social Studies



• none


• Give Science Camp Packet to parent/guardian


• We have started a HW Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays...see flyer below!

• Baskin Robbins fundraiser--at the Baskin Robbins right across from school--Every Thursday they will give us 20% of profits for us to put towards Science Camp! Be sure to say you are form Rolling Hills.

• Miss Thompson needs helpers for cookie dough delivery day--October 12 from about 9:30 AM to Noon.  Please email her if you are available. kthompson [at] campbellusd.org

• Project Cornerstone is looking for helpers.  Contact Nedda if you are interesting in helpign create a growth mindset in our children!  nedda Ashjaee <nedda [at] javad.com

• Bring money      due 10/22

• Complete at least one AR test by 9/29 (only in school!)

Science Camp info:: all forms are due back before we leave for camp, medications can be brought the day we leave for camp.