Homework For 18 January 2018

Homework for Fang/Thompson

Language Arts
• Ode Poem due 1/24

• Read 30 minutes (if possible)

Social Studies

• India Test 1/25

• India Project 1/24


• pg. 164 odds or pg. 165 odds


• none

GREEN group bring PE clothes tomorrow!!


• Movie Night Fridy at the Quad. Ticket is $7 with tacos, rice beans, salads and drinks. All students must have a parent or guardin present for admission.

• Book Order due by 1/25 (you must order online) Class code: GPKB4

•  Ms. Taco is sponsoring a new club for 6th grade students. The club is called the RHMS Rec Sports Club, and will meet for six Fridays after school from 3:15-4:15pm, starting on February 2nd. On each of the six Fridays, we will be playing a variety of recreational sports.   Flyers are in Ms. Thompson's room.

• HW club for 2nd trimester Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:45 AM

• We need supplies for 2nd trimester PLEASE

    *Binder paper   * kleenex   * pencils    *clorox wipes (or similar)

• Go to Baskin Robbins on Thursdays --proceeds benefit camp