Homework Week of 10.16.17 to 10.20.17

We will be planting our herbs on Friday.  If possible, please send in 1 gallon of potting soil and 1 herb seed package.  Thank you in advance!

Monday 10.16.17  Glue HERB Chart into Spiral Notebook.  Ask parents the questions at the bottom of each herb & find scientific name of herb.

Tuesday  10.17.17 Class/Homework Combined:  Page 39-45 Workbook plus make 4 Flashcards.

Words for Flashcards:  Chlorophyll, Chloroplast, Grana, Stomata

Wednesday - 10.18.17 

Make Flashcards for the following words:  Non Vascular Plant, Phloem, Transpiration, vascular plant, xylem.  Study these flashcards.  

Thursday - 10.19.17

Make Flashcards for the following words:  Transpiration, Gravity, Cohesion, Root Pressue.

Study these flashcards.

Friday - No Homework