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Updated Thu, Mar 2nd

Science HW - Student watched 2 videos today.  If you want to watch them again, here are the links.

No HW - Some students brought home their classwork poster.   It is due at the end of Friday's class period.

Updated Tue, Feb 28th

Tuesday 2/28:  Today I gave students the field trip permission form for the O'Neill Sea Odyssey.  

Tenorio - March 14

Harrington - March 15

Burbank - March 30

Please return form by Friday, March 4.

HW - 12 sentences minimum   Why should we be concerned about the coral reef, kelp forest and marine life?

Updated Tue, Feb 14th

Assigned on Friday, 2/10/17 - Complete your 10 flashcards and Pages 116-122 in your Interactive Workbook.  This is due on Tuesday, 2/14 (Valentine's Day)

Assigned on Tuesday, 2/14/17 - All Students will receive the next 10 flashcards for the Water Cycle Test.   This is due on Wed. 2/15/17.

Water Cycle Test on Thursday, Feb. 16.  The test is 20 questions and worth 20 test points.

Video that helps you understand the Water Cycle.  Be able to explain this in your own words.

Updated Wed, Feb 8th

If students did not finish classroom assignment, 3 questions on page Page 161 in the textbook, they need to turn this in tomorrow.   Use the short excerpt on page 160 to answer the questions. 

1)  What is the CA Current?  How does it affect San Francisco?

2)  How does fog typically hover over San Francisco?

3)  How does weather in San Francisco compare to weather in your community?

Read pages 152-159 in the Science Textbook.

Complete pages 110-115 in the Science Interactive Text Workbook.  Due Thursday.

Updated Tue, Feb 7th

We are beginning the unit entitled, "Water Cycle".  Homework will be given every day this week in the Science Workbook.

Read Pages 148-151 in your Science Textbook.

Science Workbook, 104-109.

Updated Mon, Feb 6th

Monday 2/6/17 - Students received a "DO NOW" paper that is worth 25 points if they turn it in on Friday.  Be responsible and make sure you have your "DO NOW" paper everyday in Science Class this week.

Please make sure you turn in your BLUE Field Trip Permission Form by Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017.  

Updated Mon, Jan 30th

The Wetlands Test will take place on Wednesday 2.1.17.    I've attached the questions as a PDF file.  Students copied questions from the board today.

Updated Tue, Jan 24th

Period 1 & 5 are working on their Wetland Essays.    All Rough Drafts are Due Thursday.

Typing must occur in the classroom.   They are able to re-write their rough drafts at home, but they must type their document at school. 

Period 3 is working on the Wetland Essay.    They have a wetland project due February 3, 2017.    They will be making a diagram of photos, illustrations or drawn pictures on their 8.5 x 14 paper.  Creativity is the key to this project.

Updated Mon, Jan 9th

Hello Scientists!   Today's homework is due on Wed. 1.11.17 due to the field trip.

1)  Salty Pledge:  Write 6 ways in which you pledge to help/save our environment from extinction!

2)  Summary in Notebook:  3 sentences - What do you think you have to do in order to solve an environmental problem?