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Updated Wed, Sep 6th

We will take a short quiz on Chapter 1, Zane and the Hurricane.

Updated Tue, Sep 5th

Draw a picture of Zane and Bandit for your Reading Folder

Read Chapter 1 of Zane & The Hurricane

Updated Tue, Aug 29th

Please draw a picture of Zane and Bandit.  This will be your front cover for your Reading/Literature Folder.   Please remember to bring your Zane and the Hurricane book every Reading/Literature period.

Updated Tue, Apr 18th

Chapter 7-12 Summary/Questions are due on Thursday, April 20.   Each student needs to turn in their blue folder for 30 points.

Updated Mon, Feb 6th

Biography Book Report - Due Wed. 2/8/17

Students will dress up as the character in their biography during 4th period.  Each person will give a mini-speech about who they are and why they are important or what they have done in their life.

Due 2/8 

Page 15 - What would you do? (16)

Page 16 - The Gift (21)

Test Chapter 1-25 will be on Friday, 2/10/17.  Students will turn in their Yellow Sign of the Beaver Folders for 50 more points on Friday, 2/10/17.  Make sure you have completed all of your pages to get full credit.

We will watch the Sign of the Beaver movie on Tuesday 2/14 and Thursday 2/16.  

Updated Tue, Jan 24th

Please read Chapter 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 by Thursday, 1/26.

Thursday, 1/26 Homework

Please read Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Updated Wed, Dec 7th

Students read Chp 4 & 5 this week in class.  Students need to complete Questions from both chapters.

Updated Tue, Nov 29th

Book Report #3 is due on 12.12.16.

Reader's Reflection Form

Book Report #3 - Friends and Family Book Report Form

Updated Tue, Nov 29th

We read Chapter 4 in class today.  Please complete sentences for Chapter 1-4 Vocabulary by Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016.

Updated Tue, Nov 29th

Finish Chapter 3 Character Web & Questions