8.2.1 Writing Exponential Equations

8.1.5 Writing Equations of Exponential Functions

8.1.4 Exponential Decay

8.1.3 Simple and Compound Interest

8.1.2 Simple vs Compound Interest

8.1.2 Exponential functions

Chapter 7 re-take test in class

8.1.1 Investigate y=b^x

8.1.1 Investigate y=b^x

No school - Spring break

7.2.3 Indentify quadrilaterals on the coordinate plane

7.2.2 Triangle Midpoints

7.2.1 Looking at Quadrilaterals

7.1.7 Flowchart proofs

7.1.6 Triangle Congruence and Rigid Transformations

7.1.4 SSS & SAS Triangle Congruence

7.1.4 Triangle Congruence/Flowcharts

7..1.4 Triangle Congruence Criteria

7.1.2 Triangle congruency

7.1.2 Triangle congruency

7.1.1 Defining Congruence

Chapter 6 review worksheet in class

6.4.2 Systems of Equations

6.4.1 Systems of Equations

6.3.3 System of Equations

6.2.3 Solve a system of equations using elimination-Day 2

6.2.3 Solve a system of equations using elimination

6.2.3 Solve a system of equations by graphing

6.2.2 Solve a System of Equations using Substitution

6.2.1 Equal Values Method to Solve Systems of Equations

5.3.3 Functions and Sequences

5.3.2 Precent Application

5.1.2 Bouncy Balls/Rebound ratio

5.1.2 Bouncy Balls/Rebound ratio

5.1.1 Exponential Growth Patterns - Bunny Rabbits!

5.1.1 Exponential Growth Patterns - Bunny Rabbits!

Chapter 4 Test-Part 2 (non-Desmos)

4.2.2 Correlation Coefficient

4-1 Football field problem

Mod. 12 Pythagorean Theorem

Test- Dilations and Pythagorean Theorem

3.3.1 Multiple ways to Solve an Equation

Multiply with Algebra Tiles

Area and Perimeter using Algebra tiles

3.1.5 Rigid Transformations

2.1.4 Rigid Transformations

3.1.3 Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

3.1.2 Multiple Transformations

3.1.1 Spatial Visualization & Rigid Transformations

Coordinate Translations

Module 9 - Transformations/Translations

Chapter 2 individual test

2.3.2 Writing Equations

2.3.1 Writing Equations from a point and slope

2.2.3 The Big Race - final

2.2.2 Rate of Change - The Big Race Heat 1 and 2

2.2.2 Rate of Change - The Big Race Heat 1 and 2

1.3.1 and 1.3.2 Exponent and Scientific Notation review

1.1.2 Growth Patterns and Data Collection Day 2

1.1.2 Growth Patterns and Data Collection

2.4 Operations with Scientific Notation

2.3 Scientific Notation with Negative Exponents

1.3 Compare and Order Real Numbers

1.2 Classify Real Numbers

1.1 Square Roots and Cube Roots

1.1 Fractions to Decimals/Decimals to Fractions

Math Summer Showdown- Permission Slips Due

Math Summer Showdown Practice

Math Summer Showdown Practice

Statistics Practice Test

Performance Task (Assessment)

Analyzing Scatterplots

2-way Frequency Tables

Standard Deviation Worksheet

Outliers and Standard Deviation

G2-2 Triangle Theorems

G2-1 Inscribed Quadrilaterals

G2-1 Parallelogram Properties

G2-1 Properties of Parallelograms

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