Homework For 3 October 2017

Language Arts

• DLR #5  10/6

• Blotz Poem 10/4  (Final Draft due)

• Hurdle #2    10/6

• Finish Comic dialogue 10/4 (if not completed in class)


• Read 20 minutes

Social Studies

• Complete Gilgamesh Picture     due 10/4

• Mesopotamia packet 10/5

• Mesopotamia test 10/10


• Unit Quiz      STUDY!!!! (study packet)


• Give Science Camp Packet to parent/guardian  due by 10/6

• Money for camp due by 10/20


• Start collecting Boxtops (for education)--we will have a contest soon!

• Baskin Robbins fundraiser--at the Baskin Robbins right across from school--Every Thursday they will give us 20% of profits for us to put towards Science Camp! Be sure to say you are form Rolling Hills.

Science Camp info: all forms are due back by 10/6 , If you are bring medications, you MUST have a doctor's signature for all medications--including over the counter medications.  Medications can be brought the day we leave for camp.