Hi again! You can visit this page for a reminder about the homework assignments that are / were listed in class.

Updated Sun, Oct 22nd

Last week, we worked on an essay for The Giver the entire week. Some students made more progress than others, but I extended the deadline until Tuesday to give everyone a chance to finish up their papers. There is a visual component as well.

All the documentation is located in a Google Slide document that is shared with the students on Google Classroom. They should have a planning handout that they recorded information on, so they should have access to evidence from the text. If they need to get quotes, they may do so Monday in class.

Updated Sun, Oct 15th

On Wednesday, we are having a vocab quiz on the words that I decided to cover for chapters 1-6 of The Giver. I sent home some homework that isn't super intensive (mostly because there are 18 words, and we already went over them). 

The students simply need to rewrite the word, part of speech, and definition for the words. They have all the material in their notebooks unless they were absent, in which case they just need find the information in a dictionary. In addition, they need to choose the six words that might give them trouble and write a sentence with context for the word. An example is written on the paper. 

Updated Sun, Oct 15th

Hi everyone, 

I sent home a pink half-sheet requesting emails from parents. I know I collected contact information on Back to School Night, but I misplaced the information after I input the data into an excel file. 

My apologies!

Updated Sun, Oct 1st

We did a close reading for the last half of last week and the completed worksheet is due on Monday. 

We read over the article multiple times, and the students have to examine two new vocab words, create connects and questions for the article, and write a description of what is happening in Puerto Rico.

The main purpose of the back of the sheet is to use the in-text citation correctly. 

Updated Wed, Sep 27th

Sorry for the late posting, it's been a busy day. 

The students have two sheets that they need for this homework; one is a labeled "Potential Sources" and the other is labeled "Working Bibliography." We did the potential source page together in class. They need to transfer the entries to the Working Bibliography page in alphabetical order. 

Updated Mon, May 15th

As the title says, the final draft of the research paper is due on Thursday, May 18th.

Updated Thu, May 4th

Body paragraphs for the research paper are due on Monday, 5/8. 

The necessary materials are posted on Google Classroom.

Updated Sun, Apr 30th

We are currently working on a research paper in class. Students need to finish their outlines by class on Wednesday, so that they can start their body paragraphs.

All materials are available on Google Classroom.

Updated Tue, Feb 7th

The A Long Walk to Water packets are due on Thursday.

The packet is worth upwards of 130 points, so make sure you complete it.

Updated Mon, Feb 6th

Students have their packets. All chapter summaries for our book, A Long Walk to Water, need to be completed tomorrow.