Hi again! You can visit this page for a reminder about the homework assignments that are / were listed in class.

Updated Tue, Nov 8th

We have been working on a poem analysis in class. Any additional time needed should be at home over the next two days. 

Updated Tue, Oct 25th

Students have a preparation sheet for the socratic seminar that we are doing tomorrow. The students are supposed to create 15 questions to use in the discussion.

Updated Fri, Oct 14th

We have been working on an essay in class this last week. The students are going to have one additional day to work on it in class. However, they have the ability to work on it at home as well.

Considering that the essay will probably be the only assignment in the assessment category this trimester, it will most likely comprise 80% of their grade. If you so desire, you may have your students look over their papers over the weekend.

The readings for the essay are available on Google Classroom.

Updated Thu, Sep 22nd

Once again, I have uploaded a short excerpt of the text we are using in class to Google Classroom. It is followed by two questions that can be answered on the same post.

Updated Tue, Sep 20th

The read / respond has been posted on google classroom.

It can be reached at classroom.google.com

If you are not in the correct google classroom class, please send me an email for the correct code.

Updated Fri, Sep 16th

Sorry for the late posting.

The back side to a sheet that we worked on in class is due today, Friday the 15th.

Updated Wed, Sep 14th

I've assigned part 2 of 7 from sub-unit 3, lesson 1 to the classes due tomorrow.

It requires reading through part of chapter one from Red Scarf Girl and then highlighting a few different words or phases with annotations.

If you cannot access the homework, it's not a big deal for tonight. I'll figure out how to make it more accessible in the future.

amplify website:


Updated Wed, Sep 7th

The students had been assigned an essay at the beginning of the week and had 2+ days to work on it in class.

Updated Wed, Aug 24th

The three pages due Thursday are:

  • Class info half sheet (pink)
  • Attire Policy
  • Handbook signature page

The last two entries are only due for each first period class.