Hi again! You can visit this page for a reminder about the homework assignments that are / were listed in class.

Updated Thu, Mar 28th

Students have been working on the second section of a research paper we are working on. It is two paragraphs long. They have been given many days in class. If they need additional time, they need to finish it over the weekend. 

Materials available on Google Classroom. Their planning should be on paper.

Updated Wed, Dec 5th

The students have been given all the materials needed for this next paper on Google Classroom. 

They will be able to work on the paper Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday on the paper in class and will have an additional week to work on the paper on their own time or with me before or after school (excpet Wednesday after school). 

Updated Mon, Nov 26th

This paper is being assigned 11/27, and students will be working on the paper in class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If they need additional time, they may work on the paper during their own time. If they need a location to work on the paper or need help, please have them see me before or after school (except Wednesdays after school). 

Updated Sun, Nov 4th

The narrative essay that is paired with our reading of the Giver is due this Thursday, the 8th. The students have been given all necessary paperwork via Google Classroom and a hardcopy of a plot diagram. 

Updated Thu, Oct 18th

Students have been working on a brochure advertising their own utopia. This project connects to the exposition of the novel we are reading. 

Materials are available on Google Classroom. They have Thursday, Friday, and part of Monday to work on this in class. 

Updated Wed, Sep 26th

Hi everyone,

Students have an informative essay due Tuesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm. Not that I hope students are awake at 11:59pm. 

All the resources that they need in order to complete the paper have either been provided to them in person or are available on Google classroom. 

Don't be afraid to ask to see their work; they all know how to log into Google classroom at home even if they tell you they can't or don't remember. ;)

They have been given this week's (Sept. 24-28) classes to work on the paper. 

Updated Thu, Sep 20th

Students have their dicussion packets already. There are a total of four jobs in the packet. Two have been completed previously for class. Now the next two are due for our discussion tomorrow. They have had multiple days in class to work on this. 

Updated Thu, Mar 15th

The students have started literary circles. They have chosen four different meeting dates in which they need to complete sections of a book and sections of their packet before they meet with their groups on the previously chosen meeting times. 

Students keep packets and books, so if you would like to check the materials they have, don't hesitate to ask your students. Deadlines are on page 2. 

Updated Tue, Feb 27th

Students have both the homework sheets that are a part of this assignment. 

Updated Tue, Feb 6th

Vocab is due Thursday 2/8

Both Sheets

Prepositional Digramming is due 2/7

Front and back