Homework December 5

When: Monday, Dec 5, 2016, (All day)

Language Arts: Rhyming Poem rough draft and final draft due Wednesday 12/7

DOL 4 Due Friday 12/9

Hurdle Presentations: Everyone has been assigned a date for their hurdle. We will be completing six hurdle speeches each day from December 12-16. Students can videotape or demonstrate live in class. The focus is on time management so be aware of the time expectations. The students have a direction sheet and an example. They have a paper to write with this speech and have an example. It is due in FINAL DRAFT.

Literature: Reading Log (neon green) due 12/14

Gold group: Jaguar folder due TUESDAY

Jaguar Final project (graphic comic) due 12/9 

GREEN GROUP: Jaguar packet due 12/13

Jaguar final project (graphic comic) due 12/16

Students have had a lot of time in class to work on this project. It should not be a major homework assignment.

Green group is not done with the book and have different due dates for these assignments. We will be finishing the book in class tomorrow.

Social Studies: Egypt test and packet due on 12/8