Lit circle Vocabulary quiz and AR test must be done today

All AR tests must be taken by today

Yin and Yang diamond poem due

GOLD only: Jumanji paragraph and illustration due

Israel test study group after school

Graham Cracker supplies due

Graham Cracker House design and construction

Israel Teaching Poster (comic strip) due

Maniac Magee Final Draft map due for Green and Gold groups

Cookie Dough must be picked up today in B2

Social Studies Extra Credit due

Veteran's Day- no school

After school study group for Egypt test

Story self evaluation due

Figurative Language Book due

Cookie Dough Fundraiser turn in

Mystery Door paragraph due

Mesopotamia test study group

Fundraiser paperwork due

Maniac Magee quiz Chapter 1-11 Gold only

Maniac Magee Chapter 1-11 (Green group only)

All parent papers need to be signed and returned by today.

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