Welcome to Mrs. Harrington's Fifth Grade Math Page

Fifth grade math is a lot of fun, and I'm excited about the coming year.  All fifth graders in the Campbell Union School District learn using the Expeditiary Learning curriculum.  There are six modules.  This website is very informative:


Another math resource used at Rolling Hills is the on-line IReady program at  https://login.i-ready.com.  

Please check back soon for more information on fifth grade math at Rolling Hills.

Classroom News and Information

Updated Tue, Jan 17th

Tuesday, January 11. 2017.  It's the first day back from a three day weekend, and half of the fifth grade students are on a field trip.  We are working on Lesson 8 and 9 in module 3, but completion of both problem sets and homework sets will not be checked until Thursday. We are also working on stop motions in pairs to show the process of adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  Have a great Tuesday evening!

Updated Thu, Jan 12th

Good evening.  We just finished an assessment today.  There is no assigned homework, but please help your child do IReady at home a few times per week.  Thank you, and have a great evening.  

Updated Wed, Jan 11th

Students took an assessment on lessons 1 through 7 today.  For homework, they have 3 word problems.  

1. There are 20 muffins on a plate. 2/5 of the muffins are chocolate. 3/10 of the  muffins are vanilla.  The rest of the muffins are blueberry.  How many muffins are blueberry? Explain your thinking.

2. Create a word problem for the equation 2/3 x 4/5. Show how you could solve the problem using a fraction model.

3. Challenge: Three-fourths of a container of buttons are square. Two-thirds of the square buttons are red. What fraction of the buttons are square and red? Represent your thinking using a fraction model and an equation.  

Have a great evening!

Updated Fri, Jan 6th

Today in class we did leson 6 sprint (changing mixed numbers into improper fractions). We also reviewed the necessary parts of the answer to a word problem highlighting question 2 on page 27. Please check your child's workbook for notes on this. We reviewed pages 29/30 in the workbook.  We began work on lesson 7, two-step word problems based on adding and subtracting of fractions.  Homework for this weekend is pages 32 + 34 in the workbook.  Make sure there is some kind of a picture or diagram, an equation, some strategy of finding common denominators that will make addition and/or subtraction of fractions possible, an identified answer with units, and simplification of the final answer if necessary. 

Updated Thu, Jan 5th

Page 24 in the workbook is being reviewed today. We are jumping from Lesson 5 (subtracting fractions less than 1, ie: 2/3 - 1/2) to Lesson 6 (subtracting fractions that are less than 1 from  mixed numbers, ie: 1 and 1/2 - 2/3), which means regrouping to borrow from the whole number.  We are still using the rectangular box method to find common denominators before doing the operation.  Tonight's homework is pages 29 and 30.

Tomorrow we will review those pages and jump into Lesson 7, which is word problems.  We will be taking the Mid Module Assessment on next Tuesday, January 5.

I will be here after school today from 3 to 4 for math tutoring.

Have a great evening.

Updated Tue, Jan 3rd

Good afternoon.  We are still working on Module 3, adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  We have done most of the math footwork, and we will be reviewing and working through WORD PROBLEMS.  Your child should have the following pages completed in the Module 3 workbook:  12, 15, 17,  20.  Depending on the period, we are finishing up review of pages 22, 25, and 27.  Please check the workbook to see how your child is doing. (If you would like a picture of any of these pages completed, please email me.)  

As always, feel free to teach your child 'old-school' tricks; I teach them myself once they have shown they have a handle on the Engage New York way.  And feel free to review, review, review with the pages in the workbook we do not complete as a class.

We will finish the word problems for Lessons 6 and 7 before taking the Mid Module Assessment early next week.

Homework tonight:  Review sheet- one side rounding decimals, one side adding fractions with unlike denominators. 

Have a wonderful evening!

Updated Mon, Oct 31st

We are working on estimating products and then solving them.  Workbooks are being kept in class for this conference week.  Math homework will resume from Monday, November 7.  

Updated Thu, Oct 6th

What a gorgeous day.  I'm correcting papers with Itunes playing my current favorite Voice song.  Love this season with crisp mornings and gently warm afternoons. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

This week we rebooted with IReady before jumping into Module 2 with 3 whole lessons.  Lesson 3 is my favorite of the bunch, so we did that first.  Please check the work in the workbooks.  Ask what a 'reasonable estimate' is, and how we use our knowledge of place value to make mental math easier when multiplying.  Then we are deep into rounding before multiplying to come up with that 'reasonable estimate'.  The homework for this evening is workbook pages: 2 "3, page 3 #5 & #6, p. 7 #2, and p. 8 #3 & #4.  If there is time, check out the IReady progress your child has made on the standards-based lessons and quizzes.  Many students have extra lessons that they have chosen, as well.

Have a great evening.

Updated Tue, Sep 27th

The homework for tonight is the word problem about nuts and trail mix (posted on Google Classroom) and #9-16 of the Module 1 application problems.  Glue these into your notebook and solve them.  Remember to highlight and follow the directions, show the math, and include the statement.  Please remember to include all UNITS!  :-)

Remember to bring 3 pencils ready to go for the test on Thursday.  Have a great night!

Updated Thu, Sep 22nd

Good afternoon.  Our first module test is scheduled for next Thursday, September 29.  Please review work that is coming home this week with your students. Please check page 39 in the workbook.

Today we reviewed PEMDAS and rounding numbers to specific digits.  We also practiced adding and subtracting decimals using unit form and standard algorythms.  Homework tonight is all about adding and subtracting those decimals on pages 47-48 and 52/53 in the workbooks.  We have already completed some of these pages.

Tomorrow we practice multiplying decimals (page 59 if you'd like to check it out first!).  

Have a great evening!