Congrats to our 2017 County Track and Field Athletes

Congratulations to the following Track and Field Athletes for placing at Counties this past Thursday:

Zachary I:  Placed 2nd in the mile and 3rd in 800 meter run, 4x4 team placed 4th

Evan G – 4x4 team placed 4th

Trey J – 4x4 team placed 4th

Sovin H placed 3rd in Triple Jump, 4x4 team placed 4th

George B – Champion in Shot Put – RHMS Record Holder

Cooper K– placed 7th in Long Jump

6th grade boys team placed 4th overall in Counties


Dylan W placed 2nd in mile and 3rd in 800 meters

Paddy C placed 8th in Triple Jump

Tauren M  placed 7th in the mile

Leila P placed 4th in hurdles, 5th in 100 meters, 4x4 team placed 3rd  (RHMS Record ) Champion in Long Jump and became an RHMS record holder

Madison Y placed 7th in 800 meters, 4x4 team placed 3rd,(RHMS Record )

Athena T  4x4 team placed 3rd (RHMS Record )

Melania M : 4x4 team placed 3rd, (RHMS Record )

Annie C  placed 5th in Triple Jump

Catherine A: placed 8th in High Jump

Kate A  placed 7th in Triple Jump

Hannah C  placed 8th in High Jump

Sydney S  placed 3rd in Discus and became and an RHMS record holder

Caden T – placed 7th in the Shot put

Eliana K – 4x100 team placed 3rd,  4x400 team placed 3rd

Hannah D- 4x100 team placed 3rd

Laura L – 4x100 team placed  3rd,   4x400 team placed 3rd

Makenna A placed 5th in the mile and 2nd in 800 meters,  4x400 team placed 3rd

Alex M placed 2nd in 100 meters, 3rd place in the 4x100 m relay, 4x400 team placed 3rd

Makena L placed 8th in the Triple Jump and 6th in Long Jump

The 8th grade girl’s team placed 2nd overall in Counties